Installing tooth jewellery


Installing tooth jewellery

The desire for a beautiful smile has long been present in mankind, though the ideals of beauty have changed. Certain African tribes sand their teeth down to get a pointed appearance, and not so long ago, gold or metal crowns with varying ornaments were placed on teeth for the purpose of beauty. This means of ornamenting teeth implied extensive abrasion and removal of healthy tooth tissue. Today it is possible to beautify your smile without abrading healthy teeth, my applying tooth jewellery. This is a simple, fast and painless cosmetic procedure, that does not damage tooth enamel. Itis particularly popular among young patients, though it can be applied to patients of all ages, in order to make the smile more prominent or to express one's personality. Jewellery may be used to cover up a white spot on a tooth, if a patient is not inclined to other solutions (veneers, whitening). Precious or semi-precious (zirconium) stones in varying colour and size are used, based on the patient's desires. They are usually applied to the upper incisors or canines, to be visible when smiling. The application procedure is not invasive and does not require abrasion of the tooth. The stone is applied to the tooth surface using composite cement, which binds to the tooth through a chemical bond. The duration of tooth jewellery is about three years.

If the patient desires, the jewellery can be removed by ultrasonic waves and light sanding of the tooth surface. After this, liquid enamel is applied.

Maintaining hygiene with tooth jewellery

Good oral hygiene is important, as deposits of food and bacteria can accumulate around the tooth jewellery.

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