Orthodontic Therapy


Orthodontic therapy is indicated in cases of improper positioning of teeth and distribution of teeth. The proper contactbetween teeth enables the even distribution of chewing forces, which enables the proper transfer of force to the gums and bone. Also, the proper distribution of teeth makesit easier to maintain oral hygiene. Improperly positioned teeth are often exposed to the accumulation of plaque deposits, which threatens the health of teeth and periodontal tissues.

Ortodont doctor Pejda repic doing dental work on a female pacient

The orthodontic apparatus can be mobile or fixed. Orthodontic therapy is performed in children, and also in adults in order to achieve a harmony of function and aesthetics. After the fixed orthodontic apparatus (braces) is installed, good oral hygiene and regular check-ups as instructed by the orthodontist are necessary. There is no age limit to installing an orthodontic apparatus. If you have already had orthodontic therapy and were not pleased with the results, or if you want a beautiful and healthy smile, age is no obstacle to orthodontic treatment.

Thanks to her additional education in the United States (School of Dental Medicine, Department of Orthodontic, University of Connecticut HealthCenter)and Denmark (Aarhus University, Aarhus), orthodontic specialist Dr. Slavica Pejda Repić is specialised in the orthodontic treatment of adults. Every patient receives individual treatment. After a detailed clinical exam, review of x-rays and detailed analysis of intraoral photographs, a treatment plan is proposed for each patient. Thanks to the interdisciplinary work with endodontic and restorative dentistry specialist Dr.DarijoRepić,we are able to provide every patient with complete dental care, both during and after orthodontic treatment.

Every patient, in addition to the detailed information about the state of their intraoral health, also receives complete written instructions on the function and maintenance of braces, and an appropriate set for maintaining oral hygiene.

Protocol of orthodontic examinations and therapy plan

The first orthodontic exam includes a clinical examination of the oral cavity, teeth, bite, soft tissues and an analysis of the panoramic x-ray. If you do not have a panoramic x-ray, it can be taken here at the clinic with the newest digital x-ray machine with minimal radiation dose. For the purpose of diagnostics, we also take intraoral photographs using a specially adapted camera.

After the initial diagnostic process, we will propose a therapy plan, that we will work out with the parents and the child.

Following this, impressions are taken to create the study models in order to have archived data on the initial state of the bite prior to orthodontic therapy. We will also inform you of the costs and of the maintenance of the braces.

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