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Highly educated staff (dental specialists holding PhDs in their respective fields), an interdisciplinary approach and pleasant atmosphere makes the Dental CentreRepićthe right choice for you. We guarantee a professional approach, high quality service and the use of the most modern materials. We want you to feel comfortable at our clinic, and our knowledge, expertise and experience ensures that you are the best hands.


Complete Dental Service

We provide all our services and treatments in our modernly equipped clinic, in accordance with the rules of the profession, to ensure our patients feel at ease and are satisfied with our service.

We have the solution to your dental problems

Missing teeth

Smile with pride again with our prosthetic and implant solutions that will return the smile to your face and restore proper tooth function.


Toothache can be caused by a number of factors. Following a detailed dental exam, we will propose the appropriate course of therapy and treatment.

Fear of the Dentist

We successfully treat fear of the dentist. We place special emphasis on working with children, to ensure they feel comfortable from their very first visit.

Broken / Chipped Teeth

We treat broken and chipped teeth using crowns and other procedures


We provide complete periodontic services, individually tailored to each patient.

Uneven / Spaced Teeth

We are specialised in a wide range of orthodontic services to bring you the perfect smile you have always dreamed of.

Caries and Tooth Decay

We use modern technology to detect problems in the earliest stage, to ensure timely treatment and to preserve your teeth.

Stains / Discolouration

Our tooth whitening services will give you the white teeth you have always wanted.

Expert, award winning dentists and professional and courteous medical staff



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