Pediatric dentistry

We place exceptional importance on preserving the oral health of children.

Visiting the dentist at an early age results in the development of good oral hygiene habits, and this is also important for removing fears, both in childhood and later on in life. The best time for the first visit to the dentist is about the age of 1 year.

Through play and communication appropriate for the child's age, dental procedures can be made fun and minimally traumatic. We coat the teeth of the youngest children with a fluoride gel, to prevent the occurrence of cavities. This method is completely painless for children.

We educate parents on the importance of repairing milk teeth, in order to prevent later issues with adult teeth and orthodontic anomalies that can arise due to the early loss of milk teeth.
Young adult teeth should be sealed in order to prevent the creation of caries in fissures over a longer period of time. Fissure sealing does not require any abrasion of teeth.

Where teeth should be abraded in order to remove caries, we use painless methods of administering anaesthetic. We first prepare the injection site with an anaesthetic gel to ensure that the injection is painless.

Through the multidisciplinary approach of our specialists Dr.Dario Repic and Dr.Slavica Pejda Repic,we provide you and your children the best advice and the optimal treatment methods. We pay particular attention to preventative dentistry as your child grows and develops, in order to prevent the appearance of orthodontic anomalies and unpleasant experiences at the dentist's office.

For successful tooth repairs, young patients are also awarded with a diploma for bravery.

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