Smile Design


Smile Design

A precise design, planning and good communication with the patient are all key in aesthetic prosthetic procedures. Contemporary digital technology has made it possible for patients to undergo complete smile makeovers, and see the appearance of the future restoration of teeth even before any dental work is started. This service has been used by top dentists and dental technicians for almost an entire decade. Sometimes, the patient's (subjective) assessment and the dentist's (objective) assessment of the aesthetic appearance of teeth do not match. When creating a beautiful smile and correcting aesthetic anomalies, it is necessary to follow certain guidelines in order to achieve a harmonious appearance of the future tooth restorations, with the patient's consent. Digital smile design enables the client to express their desires, and to participate in the process of creating the desired smile.

Who participates in the design of the smile?

The smile design process includes a team of experts, from a prosthetic specialist and dental technician, to an oral surgeon and periodontologist where required. The patient also participates. The objective of restorative and prosthetic therapy is to achieve a harmonious appearance of the patient's teeth, lips and face. The shape, colour, size of the veneers or crowns, and height of the gumline are all determined in accordance with the facial proportions, shape of the head, and smile line.

Using specialised computer software for digital smile design, we are able to view the final result of restorative and prosthetic dental therapy before starting to abrade the teeth, to ensure the patient is satisfied with the final result. The end result is a new smile that meets the client's wishes, and suits the facial anatomy.

What is the smile design procedure?

In drafting the therapy plan for smile design, it is first necessary to take extraoral and intraoral digital photographs of the client, and to image the oral cavity using a special intraoral scanner. All digital photographs are stored on a computer, which then creates a virtual three-dimensional image of the current state of the oral cavity, and simulates the appearance of the future prosthetic work. The client is able to actively participate in designing the new smile. Once the client approves the appearance of the future prosthetic work, the next step is preparing the teeth.

What is the advantage of using smile design services?

Using smile design and smile makeover services allows the client to approve the final appearance of the work before the work starts, thereby ensuring that the patient will be satisfied with the overall results of the treatment.

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